Vending Shenanigans

23 09 2008

So I was browsing the OCAU (Overclockers Australia) shop and swap section and just so happen on to this funny vending thread.

Here are some quotes from the thread with many expressing their interest in buying a fellows’ sister.

The Ad
My Sister
*****(Yes I blanked name out)
occasional needs feeding
$100 o.n.o

“Ill give her $10 to wash my car thoroughly and then clean my place…btw she any good at IT… maybe she could build a flash site for school for me đŸ˜›
rofl nice try buddie đŸ˜› “

“lay buy? 4 years should cover it “

“Exactly how often is ‘occasionally’?..

Also, how much would postage be?..

Does she come with the crackers?.. If so, instant plus postage.”

“will take at instant
how soon can i pickup?”

“how much is delivered to melbourne?
an airplane ticket ?

seriously, this is the best sale thread i’ve ever seen.
my sister for sale.
oh no, crackers is gone !

“sweet…maybe a rock paper scissors to see who gets her first?”

“Will you offer DOA for sister? If so, instant pp.”

“do you have all receipts for your sister? warranty?

Now to all those that are reading this and are thinking “ZOMG PEDO” this was just a joke someone who got bored put into their otherwise serious trade tread.




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