Exams Over!!!

13 11 2008

Well this is Friday morning[?] and I’m up at 4:14 in the morning posting…
Anyways, exams are finally over, well they were over for me since Wednesday but that’s besides the point.
Exams are over, now it’s time to catch up with mates and well work…
Anyway I was promising a Fallout 3 review (yes I know it is late but it’s the though that counts), that shall be posted hopefully over this weekend, Fallout 3 was incidentally released on the week that exams started for me so I could not find time to actually write anything.
But with exams over I’ll be able to put time into the time sink that is Fallout 3 and discover what more can the Capital Wastelands offer me in surprises.
Here’s a pic to tantalize the senses.
The weapon my avatar currently holds is the Railway Rifle; a steam power weapon that fires railway spikes capable of nailing your foe/victims’ body parts to walls.
All this if you can get the blueprints to make it.




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