Merry Christmas

25 12 2008

Well Merry Christmas everyone.
In other news my long awaited figurine of Asa Shigure arrived yesterday from playasia.
Review to come when I’ve finished taking photos.


Hmmmm Ricey

22 12 2008

Came across this while I was in Sydney.

Spice and Wolf Coming to the US

17 12 2008

Spice and Wolf is finally coming to the US thanks to Kadokawa Pictures USA, for those who weren’t in the loop: its a story about a trader who meets a wolf deity and the anime covers their travels from town to town trading.
The anime adaptation is based off the original light novels that were published in 2006, incidentally the light novels were released in english by Yen Press earlier this year.
It’s an interesting anime, it doesn’t focus on gunho action but more of a focus on trading and the two main characters being our trader and a mystical wolf deity he happens to meet.
On a side note it’s been confirmed that a second season is in the works check it out on the official site (it’s in Japanese tho).

Figs Incoming

10 12 2008

Decided to buy these two off a fellow forumer on OCAU (Overclockers Australia) forums for a brilliant price of AU$85 postage included.
Reviews for both figurines coming soon. But for now a photo of the goods after unpacking them from the shipment box.

Tsuruya-San & Mitsuro Kirijo

Tsuruya-San & Mitsuro Kirijo


7 12 2008

For those who read my blog you’ve probably noticed I have migrated being that blogger doesn’t have enough features and its in blog search gadgets were horrid.
Anyways new name but same bitter, lazy student slaving away at uni and work.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen your flight has been delayed permanently.
Welcome to the land of tech and other random ramblings of what is life.

Oh the reason I chose this blog name was that I’ve been playing just a bit too much Left 4 Dead, people who want co-op awesomeness get it from Steam or from your local game store 😀