The Saga Continues

26 03 2009


Was checking my rss feeds from and stumbled upon this interesting article in the technology section.
According to the article the police have raided homes of Wikileaks associates in Dresden and Jen after the site published the Australian ACMA’s blacklist.
Meanwhile the owner of the domain; Theodor Reppe’s home was raided by German police possibly over the publication of the ACMA blacklist.

A Twitter update by Wikileaks recently posted:

“Police raid home of domain owner over censorship lists – stay tuned”

Wikileaks claim that the police are investigating Mr Reppe on suspicions of the “distribution of pornographic material” and “discovery of evidence”.

Now this situation is becoming very disturbing as only a few days after the leak occurred people assosiated with Wikileaks have their homes raided by police on questionable charges, its not certain at this point weither the raids were in response to politicians in Australia making a racket.
As of right now the ACMA and Stephen Conroy are denying that the published lists belonged to the ACMA although they have warned that the AFP (Australia Federal Police) will be investigating this matter in depth.
Unfortunately for mister Conroy his recent denial of the list being a complete fake has admited it ‘looks’ similar to the list the ACMA uses.

Right now I personally believe the list is probably true with people associated with wikileaks being arrested, Conroy’s vigorous denial of this affair, then his flip flop admitting that it looked similar to the ACMA’s list only adds to the mounting suspicion that the government or atleast Conroy has alterior motives for this filter.

Ladies and gentlemen the battle for the internet has begun.


I don’t believe I didn’t pick this up but Senator Conroy has admited that there is a possiblity that the blacklist will ‘creep’ to cover URLs from legitimate websites that are found inappropriate not just the stated links to child pornography.

This is news is extremely disturbing and should be for each and everyone of us, with legitimate sites in the firing line who knows what content will be blocked now?
Could news articles that certain politicians not like be blocked or whistleblower sites like the already blocked Wikileaks be added to the list aswell?




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