Cosplay Kickboxer Yuichiro Crushed By Dutchman

26 04 2009

Yes, you heard it right Otaku cosplay warrior Yuichiro Nagashima was crushed by Dutchman Albert Kraus.
In a stunning defeat the Dutchman combo-ed our hero in a flurry of punches, before leaving our broken hero defeated.

Yuichiro although losing to the more experienced Albert Kraus has vow to train harder.

From watching the fight on youtube and a quick wiki of Kraus’s history of fights it was fairly obvious that Yuichiro doomed to fail.
Kraus’s experience, fight record of 58 wins, 13 losses, 3 draws and seven titles truely shows that the odds were stacked very much in Kraus’s favor.

You can check out the smashing fight below.

News Sourced From Sankaku Complex.

You Don’t Mess With a Man’s Dog

25 04 2009


A man resident of the town of Orsha, Belarus murdered a couple for apparently ‘humilliating’ his dog.

The scuffle broke out when a drunken couple stumbled upon the man and started to tease his dog.
The man also drunk was apparently pushed over the edge by the couple teasing his dog, he felt the need to punish theses two heathens by bludgeoning both of them to death with a log.

After he was later arrested and charged with two counts of murder, it was also apparent that the man had previous convictions.

He stated that he killed the couple out “love for his canine friend”.

Sourced From Sankaku Complex

New Swag And New Operating System

23 04 2009

So I picked up some new swag last weekend and this week.

First on the list was an Asus 4350 for a low, low $69 and then got my set of Crucial Ballistix RMAed luckily the lady I bought my ram from was nice enough to swap it for me on the spot as I had rang ahead the day before.

Second on the list is a Solid State Hard Drive that I had bought off the Overclockers Australia forums from MR CHILLED.



The 2.5′ drive is manufactured by the Team Group Inc, runs dead quiet and extreamly fast.
So far I haven’t done any testing with benchmarks as of yet but from what I’ve seen its quick.
The main reason I wanted to buy the drive was to give Windows 7 Beta a spin, so armed with my ssd and an iso of Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 64 bit.


I proceeded to install Windows onto my new drive, it proved painless to install and overal the installation didn’t take very long I would probably estimate about 15~20mins.
Booting up Windows 7 was a really surreal exercise coming from many years of listening to hard drives spin up during boot up, specially the noisy 74gb Western Digital Raptor that my old Vista 64 installation that I’ve been using for the past year.
What greeted me was Windows booting up in mare seconds and just the cooling fans spinning.


It’s still early days with the Windows 7 Beta but it’s shaping up to be quite good.
Boot times are great, driver support is much better than Vista 64 with most of my stuff actually working; the only problem that I’ve noticed with the Beta is that it has issues with older USB devices which seems to cause it to crash, and a few minor networking issues.
Windows 7 seems much more responsive that Vista in most cases and most software works on it.

And what was the purpose of buying that 4350?
To finally be able to hook a 22′ Dell E228WFP to my current setup of two Samsung 2243BWs.

Here’s what my desktop now looks like.


Man Bites Off His Penis

23 04 2009


A man aged 26 a resident of Brooklyn, New York was found by police bleeding profusely behind a building.

Apparently he had bitten off the tip of his penis, he is now recovering in hospital.
The police have no idea as to why the man bit off his penis but have come to the conclusion that it would not have been the work of a sane mind.

The man had previously been accused of violating a 13-year-old-girl, and was sentenced for two months on misdemeanour charges.

Sourced From Sankaku Complex

Go Get Metal I’ll Watch Your Strike Fighter

23 04 2009


Recently, computer crackers have broken in the the Pentagon’s $300 Billion Joint Strike Fighter project – The DOD’s costliest weapons development project to date.

The Air Force is apparently aware of similar compromises relating to their air-traffic-control system in the past few months. According to officials the culprits were able to leech several terabytes of data relating to design and electronic systems of the aircraft, which could possibly make the aircraft easier to defend against.

This recent breach is new evidence in a battle between the US and its adversaries over the data-networks that link the world together. This is again highlighted by computers used to control electrical-distribution in the United States being compromised, along with many other infrastructure networks that have already been infiltrated by spies.

According to a former official the Wall Street Journal interviewed, these attacks on the US have been increasing in the past six months.|
So far it is not known how much damage this breach has caused to the JSF project, nor has the identities of the intruders been discovered.

The intruders where able to download a fair amount of data about the aircraft but were not able to access the more sensitive information kept on networks without internet access.

Former U.S officials have their suspicions that the attack originated from China. However being able to determine the true origin of the attack would be extremely difficult.

Though suspicions are rife as China has been improving on its online-warfare techniques to help compensate for its underdeveloped armed forces.

Although the Chinese Embassy has issued a statement stating that it “opposes and forbids all forms of cyber crimes”. It accuses the Pentagon of having a Cold War mentality and that the Pentagon has intentionally fabricated this story to make China’s image more threatening than it actually is.

These although important information was not stolen U.S intelligence officials are worried that whoever is breaking in are mapping the U.S’s computer networks and it could get to the point where pilots can’t trust their own radar.

This case also highlight’s Australia’s own problem with potential crackers wanting in on government secretes.
According to The Australia Mr Rudd and his travelling party whilst on a visit to China was under repeated attacks attempting to infiltrate prime ministerial email and mobile phone communications.

Sourced From The Wall Street Journal

Set-top Boxes to Have Adobe Flash

22 04 2009


Adobe the company behind programs like Photoshop and the ever so popular Flash. Has managed to secure a deal to have its Flash software be intergrated into chips for modern televisions, and-top boxes which will enable content providers to deliver weather reports, stock prices and news updates to a TV screen near you.

Flash will be intergrated with chips manufactured by Broadcom, Intel, NXP and STMicroelectronics unfortunately this deal does not cover two of the major players in the market Sony and Samsung who use Yahoo’s media widgets instead.

According to the news article the Flash enabled TVs and set-top boxes will be available in early 2010.

With the large volume of TVs, media players and set-top boxes expected to ship in the next three years, Adobe hopes to get Flash into those machines.
This could mean the TV can possibly replace the role palmed off to computers and laptops for searching the internet, getting news feeds and various other digital content online without having to shell out for a computer or laptop.

Adobe has already got Netflix, Disney and the New York Times on the books to make the first series of applications.

Probably the main appeal of Flash for developers and content creators is Flash could possibly become a single standard that would allow them to distribute media and create programs that work on multiple platforms.

With an installation base of 98% on computers and 80% of online videos delivered with Flash, according to Adobe.
Flash has become in essence the standard for delivery of multimedia content; examples of this are Youtube, and BBC’s iPlayer.


In recent times Microsoft has been pushing Silverlight its own rival to Adobe’s Flash. Microsoft boasts that it has an installation base of over 300 million since Silverlight’s second version was released six months ago.
Although the uptake of Silverlight has been slow with only a few set-top box manufacturers signing up, Microsoft does have its hands in the Xbox 360 market which already serves as a media player and a games console, so it is very likely that Microsoft could use the Xbox as a means to increase uptake of Silverlight.

Flash Platform Business Unit general manager and vice president David Wadhwani is optimistic that one day the Xbox 360 will be able to run Flash as they have already managed to get Flash to run on Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii.

It looks like Adobe is aiming to be the global standard for all sorts of media on all platforms – PC, television and mobile platforms.
Apparently 40% of all mobile phones shipped in 2008 had Flash Lite; the only exception is Apple’s iPhone.

Of course Mr Wadhwani says that Adobe will continue to work with Apple to eventually bring Flash to the iPhone.

Sourced From BBC News

Pedobear Plushy

18 04 2009

First we had the cosplays.

Now I present to you – the Pedobear Plushy.pedoplush

This is shaping up to be epic, I’m surprised that they’re still looking for wholesalers and retailers.
Check out the maker’s site here.