Cosplay kickboxer Yuichiro Nagashima To Cosplay Shana

9 04 2009


News just in a couple of hours ago, Yuichiro Nagashima plans to cosplay Shana from Shakugan no Shana.

For those who are not familiar with Yuichiro Nagashima; he is a kickboxer but not any old kickboxer he’s a Cosplay Kickboxer, yes you heard right he’s a cosplay kickboxer.
And this him he’s back with to beat Albert “The Hurricane” Kraus who threatens to take Yuichiro’s Shana cosplay with him if he wins.

Yuichiro defiant states that if he wins he’ll take something of Albert’s, he continues on saying:

“Albert-ojisan is very macho, so I think I’d like to make him cosplay in a revealing outfit. Perhaps he’d change in the ring for us?”

I think the picture above really says it all…

News Courtesy of the Sakaku Complex: