Best Interviewee Ever

22 05 2009

A man was shot twice in Kings Cross.
9RAW interviews some witnesses.

Listen to the chick they interview as she impersonates the two men who were bickering with each other before one of them was shot.

Pure gold.

You Don’t Mess With a Man’s Dog

25 04 2009


A man resident of the town of Orsha, Belarus murdered a couple for apparently ‘humilliating’ his dog.

The scuffle broke out when a drunken couple stumbled upon the man and started to tease his dog.
The man also drunk was apparently pushed over the edge by the couple teasing his dog, he felt the need to punish theses two heathens by bludgeoning both of them to death with a log.

After he was later arrested and charged with two counts of murder, it was also apparent that the man had previous convictions.

He stated that he killed the couple out “love for his canine friend”.

Sourced From Sankaku Complex

In Soviet Russia, women rape YOU!

16 04 2009


A man attempts to rob a hair salon only to be subdued and raped for three days before his captor released him.

When he stormed into the hair salon brandishing his shotgun and demanding money, there was two staff on hand and a client in-store.
It just so happened that one of said staff was training in the arts of Judo and Taekwondo, she proceeded to beat the man into submission; after tying him up with hairdryer cord she disposed of him in the basement.

She assured everyone that she would summon police to deal with the would be criminal, this was not to happen.
When the others have left, she did not summon police instead she forced the felon to strip, and proceeded to force him to consume copious amounts of Viagra.

She kept her hapless victim chained and repeatly raped him for a period of three days, after which she released him either she was bored of him or she had broken his manhood.
The man later reported this incident to the police, only to have her claim that he had attempted to rob her.

Of course she denies all alogations against her stating:

“That’s ridiculous. We had sex just a couple times. I brought him brand new jeans. I fed him every day and gave him one thousand rubles ($25) before his release.”

Both are to face charges.

This case does bring up the old Russian Reversals.

Sourced From Sankaku Complex:

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Loli Betroth to 47 Year Old Man

14 04 2009


A Saudi Arabian judge has recently ruled that the union of an 8 year old girl to a 47 year old man was legal and legitimate.
Apparently the 8  year old girl’s father had sold betrothed her to this man to clear him off all his financial debt, her mother upon hearing of this objected to this idea and put forward her case so that the union could be annulled.

Alas this was to bear no fruit, when the case when before Shiek Habib Al-Habib he stated that since Islamic law governs many of the country’s domestic affairs the union was perfectly legitimate and legal.
The girl’s embattled mother shocked at Al-Habib’s ruling, petitioned a appeals court to have the verdict overturned although her case was originally rejected, the case eventually was passed but was given to Shiek Habib Al-Habib; who simply reaffirmed his position.

Shiek Habib Al-Habib did however manage to have the 47 year old man promise that he is not to have sex with the young girl until she reached puberty; Al-Habib stated that the girl upon reaching puberty can file for a divorce, unfortunately at such an age to request a divorce would give the impression that she’s second hand goods for any potential suitors.

News Courtesy of Sankaku Complex: