Pedobear Plushy

18 04 2009

First we had the cosplays.

Now I present to you – the Pedobear Plushy.pedoplush

This is shaping up to be epic, I’m surprised that they’re still looking for wholesalers and retailers.
Check out the maker’s site here.

You Sunk My Battleship

9 04 2009

While checking out Sankaku Complex after I got back from Uni this article on the front page was of great interest.
A Lego otaku has combined his passion for giant warships of steel and Lego to produce a 1/40 scale model of the famous WWII Battleship Yamato of the Japanese Imperial Fleet.

This Lego model of the Yamato is nothing short of epic measuring 6.6m long, 1 meter at its widest, weighing in at 150kg and took six years of construction to build.

It should seriously be preserved in the Lego Museum.

You can find more pics at the creator’s website.



News Courtesy of Sankaku Complex

Striped Pantsu FTW!

2 02 2009

So after much procrastination I’ve finally gotten around to writing up a review for my now one month old figurine of Asa Shigure from the game Shuffle!

I was originally typing this up while in Europe riding the TGV from Montpellier to Paris unfortunately the original text was wiped, and I hadn’t bothered to save a draft so enough waffling from me, on to the review.

Out of the box the figurine comes with no extra bits and pieces, the figurine is pre-attached to its base. The base feels somewhat flimsy but the figure itself is secured tightly with a screw underneath.

It is very obvious that the sculptors at Craftsmanship Kotobukiya put a lot of effort into making this an almost mirror image of the events of Shuffle!

The level of detail put into the figurine is amazing; all the creases and details of her panties are actually modeled, the buckles and their corresponding holes are also done in much detail.

Colours are very vibrant and fairly accurate to the original cgs from the visual novel, the way the painters have done her blush is amazing; being at the same time noticeable but subtle unless you actually look at the figurine.

Of course the expression of Asa Shigure’s face is executed brilliantly and genuinely gives you a feeling that she is damn embarrassed about being walked in on.

Finally what are my final thoughts on my purchase?

It was damn worth every penny, the quality is great, the scene is accurate and it looks great on my desk.

If I was to find a fault it would be that the figurine is not big enough if only the sculptors made her just a bit bigger say 20mm taller.

Otherwise I am a very satisfied customer and am looking forward to more of the other figurines being released by Craftsmanship Kotobukiya.

On a side note the figurine is actually part of a series called ‘4-Leaves’ being currently in the works at Craftsmanship Kotobukiya it features the lovely ladies of other animes such as Chizuru Minamoto from Kanokon.

Oh yes, here are some pics to feast your eyes on.







Figs Incoming

10 12 2008

Decided to buy these two off a fellow forumer on OCAU (Overclockers Australia) forums for a brilliant price of AU$85 postage included.
Reviews for both figurines coming soon. But for now a photo of the goods after unpacking them from the shipment box.

Tsuruya-San & Mitsuro Kirijo

Tsuruya-San & Mitsuro Kirijo