Pedobear Plushy

18 04 2009

First we had the cosplays.

Now I present to you – the Pedobear Plushy.pedoplush

This is shaping up to be epic, I’m surprised that they’re still looking for wholesalers and retailers.
Check out the maker’s site here.

You Sunk My Battleship

9 04 2009

While checking out Sankaku Complex after I got back from Uni this article on the front page was of great interest.
A Lego otaku has combined his passion for giant warships of steel and Lego to produce a 1/40 scale model of the famous WWII Battleship Yamato of the Japanese Imperial Fleet.

This Lego model of the Yamato is nothing short of epic measuring 6.6m long, 1 meter at its widest, weighing in at 150kg and took six years of construction to build.

It should seriously be preserved in the Lego Museum.

You can find more pics at the creator’s website.



News Courtesy of Sankaku Complex

Striped Pantsu FTW!

2 02 2009

So after much procrastination I’ve finally gotten around to writing up a review for my now one month old figurine of Asa Shigure from the game Shuffle!

I was originally typing this up while in Europe riding the TGV from Montpellier to Paris unfortunately the original text was wiped, and I hadn’t bothered to save a draft so enough waffling from me, on to the review.

Out of the box the figurine comes with no extra bits and pieces, the figurine is pre-attached to its base. The base feels somewhat flimsy but the figure itself is secured tightly with a screw underneath.

It is very obvious that the sculptors at Craftsmanship Kotobukiya put a lot of effort into making this an almost mirror image of the events of Shuffle!

The level of detail put into the figurine is amazing; all the creases and details of her panties are actually modeled, the buckles and their corresponding holes are also done in much detail.

Colours are very vibrant and fairly accurate to the original cgs from the visual novel, the way the painters have done her blush is amazing; being at the same time noticeable but subtle unless you actually look at the figurine.

Of course the expression of Asa Shigure’s face is executed brilliantly and genuinely gives you a feeling that she is damn embarrassed about being walked in on.

Finally what are my final thoughts on my purchase?

It was damn worth every penny, the quality is great, the scene is accurate and it looks great on my desk.

If I was to find a fault it would be that the figurine is not big enough if only the sculptors made her just a bit bigger say 20mm taller.

Otherwise I am a very satisfied customer and am looking forward to more of the other figurines being released by Craftsmanship Kotobukiya.

On a side note the figurine is actually part of a series called ‘4-Leaves’ being currently in the works at Craftsmanship Kotobukiya it features the lovely ladies of other animes such as Chizuru Minamoto from Kanokon.

Oh yes, here are some pics to feast your eyes on.







Figs Incoming

10 12 2008

Decided to buy these two off a fellow forumer on OCAU (Overclockers Australia) forums for a brilliant price of AU$85 postage included.
Reviews for both figurines coming soon. But for now a photo of the goods after unpacking them from the shipment box.

Tsuruya-San & Mitsuro Kirijo

Tsuruya-San & Mitsuro Kirijo

Just Another Post

21 11 2008

Well I finally got around to it and picked up my figurine from a friend who I did a group order with a few months back from HobbyLink Japan it’s been many months of waiting but DAMN it was worth it. So I present to you my readership Miku Hatsune scaled to 1/8 pre-painted figurine by the GoodSMILE Company. Miku Hatsune for those who do not already know her is the mascot for the first installment of the Yamaha Corporation’s Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series released mid 2007. She comes with no extra bits apart from the base to attach her to. Apparently her skirt is removable if you take her apart drop the skirt and you can see her in all her panty glory 😀 I’ll have to say I am amazed at the quality of the model; it seems that a lot of attention to detail had been put into creating it. With little details on her skirt, the tiny words ‘Hatsune Miku’ on the tattoo on her arm, the tag on her shirt again in tiny font spelling out ‘Vocaloid’, the extra details on her skirt and her shirt collar are simply amazing. Of course a quick look underneath reveals white panties with a teal coloured bow. Build quality is great the model feels sturdy and the base is not hard to attach to her you can even move her around a bit to change her orientation. The colours are practically dead on with the actual illustrations of Miku, glossy stockings and silver metallic shirt definitely makes her very eye catching. Now onto my gripes with this particular figurine, although the workmanship and design is spot on my main gripe is small paint markings on parts of her hair and a few marks revealing where the parts were machined although not all of the markings are apparent. Anyway aside from those problems this figurine of Miku Hatsune is one of the most amazing figs I’ve seen in a while, character design and colour spot on with the illustrations. All the while being very eye catching. My final score would be a 9 out of 10 with one point off for the blemishes.

Moar Figurines

8 09 2008

Woot! my package from Play-Asia arrived yesterday.
First off this was my first time ordering stuff from Play-Asia so to test the waters and to make the shipment via UPS worth it I decided to drop ~AU$60 and buy myself a few small figurines that people at cons charge like ~10 bucks a pop.
I’ll have to say Play-Asia is fast, I put my order in on the 2nd of September was held up with my online banking so I lost a day before I was actually able to pay being the following day; via DD (Direct Deposit) as Play-Asia holds accounts in Australia 😀
It took about a day before they processed my payment, and took less than a few hours to have the order out the door, and to my doorstep unfortunately it just so happens that my order arrived in Australia at the end of Friday before the weekends. Thus incurring 2 more days of waiting as deliveries do not happen during the weekends (as far as I know).
I’ve included a log of my package gotta say these guys are fast O_o

  • Sep 08, 2008 10:45:00 AU DELIVERED
  • Signed by: ********* Location:
  • Sep 08, 2008 00:31:00 AU CANBERRA OUT FOR DELIVERY
  • Sep 06, 2008 16:26:00 AU SYDNEY LOCATION SCAN
  • Sep 06, 2008 14:21:00 AU SYDNEY IMPORT SCAN
  • Sep 05, 2008 09:00:00 HK CHEK LAP KOK DEPARTURE SCAN
  • Sep 04, 2008 21:46:00 HK CHEK LAP KOK EXPORT SCAN
  • Sep 04, 2008 21:46:00 HK CHEK LAP KOK ORIGIN SCAN
  • Sep 04, 2008 17:40:00 HK KWAI CHUNG PICKUP SCAN

So enough rambling from me lets have a look at what I bought…

Oooo… The UPS package on my desk…

A cardboard box wonder what’s inside?

*Opens Box*

All the items I’ve ordered now to put them together…

*A few minutes later…*
Weee~~ Got the full set of the four available girls from the Sekirei set too bad they didn’t include Kazehana and Homura. (Left to right) Musubi, Tsukiumi, Matsu, Kusano (Kuu-Chan).

Here are some individual shots :3

KOS-MOS in a sexy blue swimsuit :3

Two KOS-MOSs in an orange and blue suimsuits ;_____;

Overall I am very happy with Play-Asia’s services and will be most definately ordering more stuff from them in the future my only gripe though is the Kusano gashapon looks evil .___.,,,

First Post [Again]

4 08 2008

After seeing my old blog was rather bland it was time to nuke it and move on… Now with that done… I present Kotomi Ichinose by Craftsmanship: Kotobukiya, bought two days ago at the Smash anime convention from the lovely people at the Kings Comics booth. Right now what I really need is some shelf space or some sort of glass cabinet.
I d
igress, onwards to our figurine. For those who have seen the anime or familiar with the Clannad visual novel you would probably know our book loving, and ear bursting violinist Kotomi Ichinose. Now she is a 1/8 scale pvc model.

Her build quality is excellent, and she is firmly attached to the base by default. Attention to detail is amazing, nooks, creases in her shirt are detailed and even her panties are done in detail (for those a bit h you can see her panties peep out if you look at her from behind). Colours are lively and generaly make her pleasant to look at.
She comes in the box with: Bunny ears (swapable), bunny tail, a violin, violin bow, and two extra arms: one holding a text book while the other is for a pair of small sissors these can be swapped out with the originals.

Now my only gripes with this model is that the ends of her hairs are rounded, the violin and its bow does not actually attach to the model but sort of rest in place so bumping the model will knock them out of place, though nothing a bit of Blu-Tac can’t fix.
Otherwise apart from these minor shortcommings this 1/8 model of Kotomi Ichinose is a brillant figurine. I tip my hat to Chiaki Kawasumi (sculptor) and Craftsmanship: Kotobukiya for releasing such a lovely figurine. For those interested in aquiring one it seems that the model is already sold out or discontinued (atleast according to HLJ).

Here are some pics for everyone to enjoy (56k warning ;3 ) :3

Edit: Fixed some text formatting