The Move

18 09 2009

Yes that’s right I have moved to a new domain.
For my readers please update your bookmarks to

Thankyou to everyone who has been reading this blog, this site will still be up but everything will have moved to my new site.

Team Fortress 2 Crockery

23 06 2009

So finally the Valve order came in early last week after a few weeks of waiting.

I had requested a Force-a-Nature tee and a Team Fortress 2 coffee mug to be ordered for me.
Although I haven’t tried on the teeshirt, the coffee mug is simply awesome.Of all things the first thing I tried putting in it was beer, managing to fit 330ml of it with about probably 10~15ml to spare.
Anyways the mug is great  it feels solid, the handle has enough clearance so when you hold it you don’t burn your hand on the mug, the rather thick walls of the mug does help to keep its contents warm for a decent amount of time.
It’s also apparently big enough to perfectly dunk a Krispy Kreme donut into it.



So in conclusion; the Team Fortress 2 Coffee Mug besides being a rather good beer mug, performs its duty very well.
Keeping your cup of Joe warm for extended periods of time, allowing easy access for donuts, preventing burns on your knuckles and looking rather good on any geek or office worker’s desk.

You can get yourself one aswell from the the Valve Store here.

Happy New Year and stuffs

1 01 2009

Well if I was posting this while I was home then I’d be a day late but I’m here posting from Poitier France.
So Happy New Year to those that follow my blog I hope everyone a fruitful and happy new year đŸ˜€
Yes yes I’ll get the fig reviews done soon…

Merry Christmas

25 12 2008

Well Merry Christmas everyone.
In other news my long awaited figurine of Asa Shigure arrived yesterday from playasia.
Review to come when I’ve finished taking photos.