First Post [Again]

4 08 2008

After seeing my old blog was rather bland it was time to nuke it and move on… Now with that done… I present Kotomi Ichinose by Craftsmanship: Kotobukiya, bought two days ago at the Smash anime convention from the lovely people at the Kings Comics booth. Right now what I really need is some shelf space or some sort of glass cabinet.
I d
igress, onwards to our figurine. For those who have seen the anime or familiar with the Clannad visual novel you would probably know our book loving, and ear bursting violinist Kotomi Ichinose. Now she is a 1/8 scale pvc model.

Her build quality is excellent, and she is firmly attached to the base by default. Attention to detail is amazing, nooks, creases in her shirt are detailed and even her panties are done in detail (for those a bit h you can see her panties peep out if you look at her from behind). Colours are lively and generaly make her pleasant to look at.
She comes in the box with: Bunny ears (swapable), bunny tail, a violin, violin bow, and two extra arms: one holding a text book while the other is for a pair of small sissors these can be swapped out with the originals.

Now my only gripes with this model is that the ends of her hairs are rounded, the violin and its bow does not actually attach to the model but sort of rest in place so bumping the model will knock them out of place, though nothing a bit of Blu-Tac can’t fix.
Otherwise apart from these minor shortcommings this 1/8 model of Kotomi Ichinose is a brillant figurine. I tip my hat to Chiaki Kawasumi (sculptor) and Craftsmanship: Kotobukiya for releasing such a lovely figurine. For those interested in aquiring one it seems that the model is already sold out or discontinued (atleast according to HLJ).

Here are some pics for everyone to enjoy (56k warning ;3 ) :3

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