Man Steals Plane Tailed by F-16s Only to Escape On Foot

8 04 2009


So on my usual romp on the internet I stumbled upon this interesting piece of news.

A pilot apparently stole a Cessna 172 light aircraft from the Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada.
According to Confederation College vice president Judi Maundrell  this man requisited his aircraft by scaling a fence, simply jumped into a plane and took off, the keys were already inside as students were using the planes. The aircraft was apparently fully fueled with enough to fly for about 7-8 hours according to two difference sources.

After acquiring this ill gotten gains this man proceeded to fly his aircraft south, over the US border attracting the attention of NORAD which dispatched F-16s from the Wisconsin Air National Guard to intercept the flying felon, who led the fighter pilots on a seven hour, 1,261 kilometer wild goose chase.
The F-16 pilots claim that the pilot did not obey non-verbal instructions to follow them back to their base but did acknowledge their presence, the pilot later put his plane down on a road near Piedmont, Missouri only to escape on foot.

He was later taken into custody, by local police.

A day later a police officer stated on “Good Moring America” that the reason this man stole the plane was to commit suicide, unfortunately he did not have it in him to do it himself: so he decided to steal a plane, fly it over the US border and hope that a fighter would shoot him down.