The K-7 Has Landed (At least for me it has)

10 07 2009

I finally recieved my Pentax K-7 DSLR today after missing the original delivery yesterday by one hour and having to reschedule for delivery to be reattempted.
Well without further ado here’s the Pentax K-7 in all its un-boxing glory.


Un-boxing the package

Shiny new K-7's box

Shiny new K-7's box

K-7's manuals & software cd

K-7's manuals & software cd

Battery and extra bits the come with the K-7

Battery and extra bits the come with the K-7


My brand new Pentax K-7 with Tamron SP 90mm lens in all its glory (lens not included)

My brand new Pentax K-7 with Tamron SP 90mm lens in all its glory (lens not included)

Well that’s all from me for now I’ll stick photos taken with the camera later

All photos were taken with my old K100D Super.

Team Fortress 2 Crockery

23 06 2009

So finally the Valve order came in early last week after a few weeks of waiting.

I had requested a Force-a-Nature tee and a Team Fortress 2 coffee mug to be ordered for me.
Although I haven’t tried on the teeshirt, the coffee mug is simply awesome.Of all things the first thing I tried putting in it was beer, managing to fit 330ml of it with about probably 10~15ml to spare.
Anyways the mug is great  it feels solid, the handle has enough clearance so when you hold it you don’t burn your hand on the mug, the rather thick walls of the mug does help to keep its contents warm for a decent amount of time.
It’s also apparently big enough to perfectly dunk a Krispy Kreme donut into it.



So in conclusion; the Team Fortress 2 Coffee Mug besides being a rather good beer mug, performs its duty very well.
Keeping your cup of Joe warm for extended periods of time, allowing easy access for donuts, preventing burns on your knuckles and looking rather good on any geek or office worker’s desk.

You can get yourself one aswell from the the Valve Store here.

Left 4 Dead Triple Monitors on SoftTH Windows 7 Build 7077

4 05 2009

Having sucessfully run Team Fortress 2 fairly smoothly with SoftTH I decided to try the same thing with Left 4 Dead.

The results surprised me as it ran on high settings with 2xAA and 2xAF very well.
All the UI elements didn’t look messed up and everything rendered very nicely it was as if the game was made for multi-monitor setups.

The only thing that was messed up by the huge resolution was the main menu’s background.
Otherwise everything was sweet.
Here’s a test run jumped into a random game, in this case the finale of No Mercy.

I used the same config as my Team Fortress 2 attempt, which can be grabbed from here.

Team Fortress 2 Triple Monitors on SoftTH in Windows 7

4 05 2009


After reading this article from showing that it was possible to get Team Fortress 2 to run on triple monitors with a program that emulates Matrox’s TripleHead2Go‘s functions – SoftTH.

I decided to give it a shot so after a good two hours of google, trial and error I finally got Team Fortress 2 working on my three Samsung 2243BWs.
It seemed to have a bit of difficulty running on Windows 7 Build 7077 so it took me a bit longer than anticipated.
Check out the test run on my Youtube video below.

You can give SoftTH a shot too, download it from the developer’s site.
Grab my config file from here, just copy paste the code into your config file and it should work.

New Swag And New Operating System

23 04 2009

So I picked up some new swag last weekend and this week.

First on the list was an Asus 4350 for a low, low $69 and then got my set of Crucial Ballistix RMAed luckily the lady I bought my ram from was nice enough to swap it for me on the spot as I had rang ahead the day before.

Second on the list is a Solid State Hard Drive that I had bought off the Overclockers Australia forums from MR CHILLED.



The 2.5′ drive is manufactured by the Team Group Inc, runs dead quiet and extreamly fast.
So far I haven’t done any testing with benchmarks as of yet but from what I’ve seen its quick.
The main reason I wanted to buy the drive was to give Windows 7 Beta a spin, so armed with my ssd and an iso of Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 64 bit.


I proceeded to install Windows onto my new drive, it proved painless to install and overal the installation didn’t take very long I would probably estimate about 15~20mins.
Booting up Windows 7 was a really surreal exercise coming from many years of listening to hard drives spin up during boot up, specially the noisy 74gb Western Digital Raptor that my old Vista 64 installation that I’ve been using for the past year.
What greeted me was Windows booting up in mare seconds and just the cooling fans spinning.


It’s still early days with the Windows 7 Beta but it’s shaping up to be quite good.
Boot times are great, driver support is much better than Vista 64 with most of my stuff actually working; the only problem that I’ve noticed with the Beta is that it has issues with older USB devices which seems to cause it to crash, and a few minor networking issues.
Windows 7 seems much more responsive that Vista in most cases and most software works on it.

And what was the purpose of buying that 4350?
To finally be able to hook a 22′ Dell E228WFP to my current setup of two Samsung 2243BWs.

Here’s what my desktop now looks like.


Sound & Sight

23 08 2008

So yesterday I went to the local computer fair to have a look at prices and to check on my HD4870’s RMA status (which is still in limbo), only to end up buying a Samsung SyncMaster 2243BW. How did this happen shall be explained below.

It just so happened that I was in the market for a new monitor as my old Chimei CMV 22D was showing its age, I was planning on getting one of them new fangled 24” monitors fokes have been raving on about.
So as I wondered around the fair I looked at the prices of 24” monitors more specifically the Samsung 245BW all the while keeping in mind the price that was offered to staff at my work. After a quick look around the prices were to say the least high ($600 Hurr Hurr) but it was then I saw my soon to be monitor the Samsung 2243BW I fell in love with it and snapped it up for $299 plus the woman who sold me the monitor knew my father so she was nice enough to not charge us for use of Eftpos usage as she was not able to reduce the price on the monitor and further.

So there you have it as I walked out of the fair I was one happy chap.
Now I guessing people are asking was it worth my $299? As this monitor was most likely more expensive than other brands such as ASUS or BenQ. In short it was damn worth the money.

It features a small swivel base for 360* rotation, an adjustable stand, the monitor has decent tilt capability, and comes with no not normal buttons no-sir-y it has TOUCH SENSITIVE buttons for controls which is a lovely touch to the extra thin bezel which ~0.5 inches wide all around. Connectivity consists of both DVI and VGA so for those still on VGA it’s useful.
I did not find any problems with the tilt and height adjustments though the screen did wobble without toppling over if it was bumped or after I had adjusted its settings.
Now onto the meat and potatoes, how did the screen look when it came to showing the colours.
All I can say is excellent, though I don’t have professional tools to see how well the monitor displays its colours and such I do have a variety of games, movies and games to see how well the monitor did its job in a normal environment.
Films and anime were much more vibrant while games were richer in colour, and shaper. Text is sharp, clean and crisp; as expected of an LCD. The pre-sets on the monitor were decent but were not really to my liking, overall the monitor’s colour is very nice although its factory settings are rather bright and saturated for my liking which does not do any favours for long viewing or bright backgrounds such as when working with word documents. There is some light bleed around the screen that is most prominent on the top and bottom edges of the screen.
Here are some pics of the monitor on my normal desktop and a photo of the lightbleed

In other news dad got me a gift the gift of sound no I can hear perfectly fine he got me a very nice set of Sennheiser S555 audiophile headphones and damn these headphones are nice not only in style they sound brilliant. They have decent bass for headphones and music (cd quality) sound very rich, plus they’re very comfy to wear for long periods of time thanks to it being an open headphone design though it wont block out or seal in sound as well as my previous set a Panasonic RP-HTX7. But never-the-less I am very happy with them games sound great, music sounds great and they’re comfy to wear what more can I ask for?
Pic of them sitting on my laptop below.