Sound & Sight

23 08 2008

So yesterday I went to the local computer fair to have a look at prices and to check on my HD4870’s RMA status (which is still in limbo), only to end up buying a Samsung SyncMaster 2243BW. How did this happen shall be explained below.

It just so happened that I was in the market for a new monitor as my old Chimei CMV 22D was showing its age, I was planning on getting one of them new fangled 24” monitors fokes have been raving on about.
So as I wondered around the fair I looked at the prices of 24” monitors more specifically the Samsung 245BW all the while keeping in mind the price that was offered to staff at my work. After a quick look around the prices were to say the least high ($600 Hurr Hurr) but it was then I saw my soon to be monitor the Samsung 2243BW I fell in love with it and snapped it up for $299 plus the woman who sold me the monitor knew my father so she was nice enough to not charge us for use of Eftpos usage as she was not able to reduce the price on the monitor and further.

So there you have it as I walked out of the fair I was one happy chap.
Now I guessing people are asking was it worth my $299? As this monitor was most likely more expensive than other brands such as ASUS or BenQ. In short it was damn worth the money.

It features a small swivel base for 360* rotation, an adjustable stand, the monitor has decent tilt capability, and comes with no not normal buttons no-sir-y it has TOUCH SENSITIVE buttons for controls which is a lovely touch to the extra thin bezel which ~0.5 inches wide all around. Connectivity consists of both DVI and VGA so for those still on VGA it’s useful.
I did not find any problems with the tilt and height adjustments though the screen did wobble without toppling over if it was bumped or after I had adjusted its settings.
Now onto the meat and potatoes, how did the screen look when it came to showing the colours.
All I can say is excellent, though I don’t have professional tools to see how well the monitor displays its colours and such I do have a variety of games, movies and games to see how well the monitor did its job in a normal environment.
Films and anime were much more vibrant while games were richer in colour, and shaper. Text is sharp, clean and crisp; as expected of an LCD. The pre-sets on the monitor were decent but were not really to my liking, overall the monitor’s colour is very nice although its factory settings are rather bright and saturated for my liking which does not do any favours for long viewing or bright backgrounds such as when working with word documents. There is some light bleed around the screen that is most prominent on the top and bottom edges of the screen.
Here are some pics of the monitor on my normal desktop and a photo of the lightbleed

In other news dad got me a gift the gift of sound no I can hear perfectly fine he got me a very nice set of Sennheiser S555 audiophile headphones and damn these headphones are nice not only in style they sound brilliant. They have decent bass for headphones and music (cd quality) sound very rich, plus they’re very comfy to wear for long periods of time thanks to it being an open headphone design though it wont block out or seal in sound as well as my previous set a Panasonic RP-HTX7. But never-the-less I am very happy with them games sound great, music sounds great and they’re comfy to wear what more can I ask for?
Pic of them sitting on my laptop below.