The K-7 Has Landed (At least for me it has)

10 07 2009

I finally recieved my Pentax K-7 DSLR today after missing the original delivery yesterday by one hour and having to reschedule for delivery to be reattempted.
Well without further ado here’s the Pentax K-7 in all its un-boxing glory.


Un-boxing the package

Shiny new K-7's box

Shiny new K-7's box

K-7's manuals & software cd

K-7's manuals & software cd

Battery and extra bits the come with the K-7

Battery and extra bits the come with the K-7


My brand new Pentax K-7 with Tamron SP 90mm lens in all its glory (lens not included)

My brand new Pentax K-7 with Tamron SP 90mm lens in all its glory (lens not included)

Well that’s all from me for now I’ll stick photos taken with the camera later

All photos were taken with my old K100D Super.


How to run TF2 & L4D in Triple Monitor Glory

26 05 2009

Okay so I had a question about how to get TF2 running on three monitors and since youtube doesn’t give me enough room to explain it I’ll post here.
I’ll include lots of pics for your enjoyment too.

First you need to download a copy of SoftTH from the creator’s site here.


Download the latest release which is 1.08b during the time of writing.
After downloading you should end up with a zip file that resembles something like this.


Now place the files into the following directories:
In this case for Left 4 Dead.

Set 1:

Set 2:

The files from Set 1 go with the main game executable in:  steamapps > common > left 4 dead
While Set 2 files are to be placed into the ‘bin’ folder:  steamapps > common > left 4 dead > bin
The files if placed properly should look like the ones in the picture below.


Now grab a copy of my config file from here.
Copy, paste my configuration into the config file in your own directory.


You now need to set Left 4 Dead to actually run in your desired screen size.

  1. Options > Video
  2. Set Aspect Ration to: Widescreen 16:9 (the game does not recognise the custom aspect ratio so it just puts it there)
  3. Set your desired resolution.
  4. Set Display Mode to Full Screen (This is important as Windows 7 does not seem to like windowed games being spread across many monitors)


With your settings set, restart the game it might start up and look weird but wait until it has gotten to the menus.

‘Alt-tab’ out and back in, it should fix it.

Now enjoy Left 4 Dead in triple monitor glory.


Just make sure your computer is up to scratch to be able to support three monitors.

The same steps can be applied to Team Fortress 2 to produce the same results.

Team Fortress 2 Sniper & Spy Update Out

22 05 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ultimate showdown has begun...

Left 4 Dead Triple Monitors on SoftTH Windows 7 Build 7077

4 05 2009

Having sucessfully run Team Fortress 2 fairly smoothly with SoftTH I decided to try the same thing with Left 4 Dead.

The results surprised me as it ran on high settings with 2xAA and 2xAF very well.
All the UI elements didn’t look messed up and everything rendered very nicely it was as if the game was made for multi-monitor setups.

The only thing that was messed up by the huge resolution was the main menu’s background.
Otherwise everything was sweet.
Here’s a test run jumped into a random game, in this case the finale of No Mercy.

I used the same config as my Team Fortress 2 attempt, which can be grabbed from here.

Team Fortress 2 Triple Monitors on SoftTH in Windows 7

4 05 2009


After reading this article from showing that it was possible to get Team Fortress 2 to run on triple monitors with a program that emulates Matrox’s TripleHead2Go‘s functions – SoftTH.

I decided to give it a shot so after a good two hours of google, trial and error I finally got Team Fortress 2 working on my three Samsung 2243BWs.
It seemed to have a bit of difficulty running on Windows 7 Build 7077 so it took me a bit longer than anticipated.
Check out the test run on my Youtube video below.

You can give SoftTH a shot too, download it from the developer’s site.
Grab my config file from here, just copy paste the code into your config file and it should work.

Touhou on DS and Aliens Attack?

27 03 2009

Flying Balloon heads... O_o

So on my usual trawl of Sankaku Complex I stumbled upon an interesting Homebrew game for the Nintendo DS: a recreation of the renowned Touhou manic shooters.

In its current version (as of this post) Touhou DS 0.8 is made up of four stages in the demo level, with most of the fancy text still very much under construction. According to the developer’s site you can muck around with the in-game files letting you adjust the amount of bombs and lifes your character has.


Reimu! Reimu! :3

So how does it play? Well to put it simply it’s quite fun to play when you’re on break or just want to kill a few minutes.
The game currently has a selection of 5 characters from the Touhou games for you to choose all with different bullet patterns, unique bombs, and movement speeds. All make for an interesting play through.



Controls are relatively simple with the D-pad controlling movement, while ‘X,Y,B,A,L & R’ can be configured for Shoot, Focus (concentrating your bullets but sacrificing speed), Bomb, holding down focus and then hitting your bomb button will use your unique Bomb attack.


Its Raining Men Hallelouya... Oh wait...

The boss battles get progressively harder with each boss at each stage gaining more lives forcing you to kill them many times over before defeating them, enemies are relatively easy to kill but again get harder to kill as the stages progress and the bullet patterns get crazier and more interesting as you get to the higher stages.
Collecting drops from enemies makes your attacks not only stronger but changes your shots adding more firepower or better coverage (spread shot) dieing results in you losing your powerup one rank at a time until you only have your weakest attack with barely any coverage and poor power.
A word of warning, for those who have not played Touhou will find themselves dieing a lot as a single hit will kill you, but luckily it does offer you a chance to restart the current stage instead of having to start over from the beginning.
The graphics as a whole are quite good for a DS game, the interface is still relatively rough but workable allowing you to easily navigate the menus, and the soundtrack is brilliant in all its sorta-midi greatness.
Overall I’ve found the game very amusing, fun and a good time killer.
Can’t wait for the next version to come out.

I’d highly recommend this game to those looking for something to kill time on their DS, so long as you have an R4 or similar cartridge.

Link to developer’s Site
Sankaku Complex Article Link

From the looks of it ‘Weeaboo’ the developer is also developing a DS port for other games the one that draws most of my attention is the awesome Fate/Stay Night visual novel which I am currently in the process of downloading, I’ll report back on here when I’ve given it a spin.

In other news Atomic Magazine reports that the Australian Board of Classification website was hacked by aliens.


1337 |-|4X

Sauce for aliens

The Saga Continues

26 03 2009


Was checking my rss feeds from and stumbled upon this interesting article in the technology section.
According to the article the police have raided homes of Wikileaks associates in Dresden and Jen after the site published the Australian ACMA’s blacklist.
Meanwhile the owner of the domain; Theodor Reppe’s home was raided by German police possibly over the publication of the ACMA blacklist.

A Twitter update by Wikileaks recently posted:

“Police raid home of domain owner over censorship lists – stay tuned”

Wikileaks claim that the police are investigating Mr Reppe on suspicions of the “distribution of pornographic material” and “discovery of evidence”.

Now this situation is becoming very disturbing as only a few days after the leak occurred people assosiated with Wikileaks have their homes raided by police on questionable charges, its not certain at this point weither the raids were in response to politicians in Australia making a racket.
As of right now the ACMA and Stephen Conroy are denying that the published lists belonged to the ACMA although they have warned that the AFP (Australia Federal Police) will be investigating this matter in depth.
Unfortunately for mister Conroy his recent denial of the list being a complete fake has admited it ‘looks’ similar to the list the ACMA uses.

Right now I personally believe the list is probably true with people associated with wikileaks being arrested, Conroy’s vigorous denial of this affair, then his flip flop admitting that it looked similar to the ACMA’s list only adds to the mounting suspicion that the government or atleast Conroy has alterior motives for this filter.

Ladies and gentlemen the battle for the internet has begun.


I don’t believe I didn’t pick this up but Senator Conroy has admited that there is a possiblity that the blacklist will ‘creep’ to cover URLs from legitimate websites that are found inappropriate not just the stated links to child pornography.

This is news is extremely disturbing and should be for each and everyone of us, with legitimate sites in the firing line who knows what content will be blocked now?
Could news articles that certain politicians not like be blocked or whistleblower sites like the already blocked Wikileaks be added to the list aswell?