Trap TV

3 06 2009

Staying up late to work on a Database design project I stumbled upon this when my Sankaku Complex Rss bookmark updated.
From the land of the rising sun something that trumps even the likes of Queer Eye for the Straight guy – I present to you Cross Dressing Paradise.
A game show where young lads are transformed into alluring young women.
Unsurprisingly the audience was full of young high teenage girls.

I’ll have to say the makeup artists are amazing in their field you can almost mistake some of theses guys for girls if it was a just a glance.
Bricks were shat.


Man Bites Off His Penis

23 04 2009


A man aged 26 a resident of Brooklyn, New York was found by police bleeding profusely behind a building.

Apparently he had bitten off the tip of his penis, he is now recovering in hospital.
The police have no idea as to why the man bit off his penis but have come to the conclusion that it would not have been the work of a sane mind.

The man had previously been accused of violating a 13-year-old-girl, and was sentenced for two months on misdemeanour charges.

Sourced From Sankaku Complex

Loli Betroth to 47 Year Old Man

14 04 2009


A Saudi Arabian judge has recently ruled that the union of an 8 year old girl to a 47 year old man was legal and legitimate.
Apparently the 8¬† year old girl’s father had sold betrothed her to this man to clear him off all his financial debt, her mother upon hearing of this objected to this idea and put forward her case so that the union could be annulled.

Alas this was to bear no fruit, when the case when before Shiek Habib Al-Habib he stated that since Islamic law governs many of the country’s domestic affairs the union was perfectly legitimate and legal.
The girl’s embattled mother shocked at Al-Habib’s ruling, petitioned a appeals court to have the verdict overturned although her case was originally rejected, the case eventually was passed but was given to Shiek Habib Al-Habib; who simply reaffirmed his position.

Shiek Habib Al-Habib did however manage to have the 47 year old man promise that he is not to have sex with the young girl until she reached puberty; Al-Habib stated that the girl upon reaching puberty can file for a divorce, unfortunately at such an age to request a divorce would give the impression that she’s second hand goods for any potential suitors.

News Courtesy of Sankaku Complex:


Couple Caught Having High-Speed Sex

14 04 2009


A young  Norwegian couple was caught having sex in a car whilst it was traveling at a blistering 133 km/h in a 100 zone on E18 highway, some 40km west of Oslo.
The police gave chase for about a kilometer, before pulling the couple over at a service station.
According to police the car was swerving from side to side, because the woman was on the man’s lap having sex while him while he drove.
Police still do not understand why he would want to have sex while driving on a highway.

The culprit is to face a fine of several thousand Norwegian Crowns and a driving ban.

Of course isn’t the first time someone was caught pleasuring themselves while driving.

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Peeker’s Textbook

12 04 2009

I think I’ve now discovered the possibly the most awesome textbook to date.
It apparently uses an example of how to apply trigonometry to a real life situation, say what sort of angles are you dealing with when peeking at the undergarments of the woman siting on the opposite bench on the train.



This textbook is apparently from the Japanese textbook series Dream Science Laboratory, originally published in Japanese it seems it is relevant to the interests of Korean teaching staff.

News Courtesy of Sankaku Complex